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Shadows Homewares fragrances are second to none. Subtle, complex and always pleasing, we offer the same uncompromising quality at an affordable price, with new fragrances reflecting the latest styles and international trends. We work only with the most accomplished perfumers, chandlers and craftsmen from across the globe to bring you their latest creations.

Due to our continuous search for excellence, our collection is always evolving. Each season inspires product additions which are fresh, vibrant and always chic, with colours, fragrances and styles to excite the imagination and stimulate the senses.







Continuing the traditional simplicity of the church candle, our premium range of unscented pillars displays a timeless elegance that will impart a classic touch to any special event, function, celebration or simple home setting.

Shadows quality shines through in the practical sense too, with superior wax formulation ensuring superior burning performance.



Not all tea-lights are created equal, which is why ours are widely regarded as being the best in the world. As with all Shadows products, we set a high standard to ensure our benchmark of affordable quality is maintained.

For our tea-lights we use only the highest calibre wax, specially-designed wicks and premium grade aluminium cups, to deliver a clean and efficient burn.