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Placing An Order

Once you have logged in for the first time, please click on 'Home' and click on the category you would like to order.

There are two ways to find your products - by Style or by Fragrance.

Ordering by Style

Click into Shadows / Fragrance Collection / Shop by style, as highlighted below

Ordering by Fragrance

Click into Shadows / Fragrance Collection, then a list of fragrance will appear. Click on your desired fragrance, and all products available will appear:

Once within a style / fragrance / category you can add to the cart via the drop down box (which is in multiples of the MOQ). Select the quantity, then hit the little cart logo

 Your cart will turn green and notify you that the product is in the cart

Once you have ordered all of your products, and your order reaches $250+GST, you can click on the cart logo in the top right hand of the screen. You can also view your cart at any time by clicking on this logo.


Once the cart content appears, please check carefully and click on the CHECKOUT button at the bottom

 You will then have the opportunity to check and change your delivery address if required, or make any notes you would like to advise us.


Click CONTINUE to proceed

You will then have the option to enter your purchase order number (if rquired) and pay via credit card, or (for 30-day account holders) put onto your account.




Click CONTINUE to proceed


Your checkour confirmation will then appear. Please carefully check your order, and delivery details are correct.

Read to our Terrm and Conditions (by clicking on the hyperlink). Tick that you agree, and click CONFIRM ORDER

 If you have any queries, or difficulties, please contact the office on 07-3348 2222.